July 4, 2020: Book Review – Clerical Sexual Misconduct: An Interdisciplinary Analysis

https://catholicphilly.com/2020/07/culture/book-takes-scholarly-yet-accessible-look-at-clerical-sex-abuse-crisis/ “Clerical Sexual Misconduct: An Interdisciplinary Analysis,” edited by Jane F. Adolphe and Ronald J. Rychlak. Cluny Media (Providence, Rhode Island, 2020). 480 pp., $29.95.   While comprehensive and packed with scholarly footnotes, “Clerical Sexual Misconduct” offers an engrossing read, accessible to anyone who cares about cleansing the scourge of clerical sexual abuse from the […]

June 24, 2020: Judge Rules New York May Not Enforce Double-Standard Restrictions On Religious Gatherings

https://thefederalist.com/2020/06/26/judge-rules-new-york-may-not-enforce-double-standard-restrictions-on-religious-gatherings/ New York may no longer restrict religious gatherings to 25 percent capacity while other businesses can operate at 50 percent, according to a preliminary injunction issued by a federal judge on Friday. U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe ruled that New York could not limit socially-distanced, outdoor religious services while it allowed outdoor graduation ceremonies […]

June 22, 2020: US Supreme Court stuns with activist ruling on anti-discrimination

https://christianconcern.com/comment/us-supreme-court-stuns-with-activist-ruling-on-anti-discrimination/ The Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska comments on the US Supreme Court’s recent ruling on sexual orientation and transgenderism.  

July 17, 2020: The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020

https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/116/hr649 The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 passed overwhelmingly in the House and Senate. The legislation condemns the Chinese Communist Party for the detention centers and recommends a tougher response to the human rights abuses suffered by Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs and other Muslim minorities in the region.

June 15, 2020: Catholic Inspired Organizations: Toward a More Inclusive Society

https://foruminternational.org/about-2019-2/ Dear colleagues and friends,   It is our pleasure to send you the attached publication of Catholic Inspired Organizations: Toward a More Inclusive Society, which mirrors the collaborative efforts of the past two years. We sincerely hope that it will be useful in further developing your advocacy efforts at the international level.   Please feel […]

June 12, 2020: A Big Step for Religious Freedom

https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-big-step-for-religious-freedom-11591917899 By Nina Shea June 11, 2020 7:25 pm ET For decades religious freedom has been treated as the unwanted stepcihld in the human-rights side of U.S. foreign policy. But in a rare ray of light this dark spring, America’s defining right has been recognized at the highest level as a “moral and national security imperative.” […]

June 10, 2020: Bishops in Middle East and Nigeria Applaud Trump’s Religious-Liberty Executive Order

https://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/bishops-in-middle-east-and-nigeria-applaud-trumps-religious-liberty-executi The … Church leaders in the Middle East and Nigeria contacted by the Register have enthusiastically welcomed the document. The presidential directive, which President Trump signed at the White House … prioritizes international religious freedom in foreign policy and overseas government aid projects, budgets $50 million a year for programs that advance religious liberty […]

June 10, 2020: EU and African Bishops call for a people-centred, just and responsible partnership between our continents

http://www.comece.eu/action/mlr/pv?&idx=240679&cid=2721&uid=2324&sid=2&cks=9a669146 Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the European and the African Union are currently preparing for the 6th Summit of their political leaders. In this view, COMECE and the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar (SECAM) have elaborated a joint contribution on the future EU-Africa partnership.    

June 9, 2020: Ignore the optics. Trump’s executive order could jump-start the cause of global religious freedom.

https://www.americamagazine.org/politics-society/2020/06/09/trump-executive-order-global-religious-freedom The Trump administration’s executive order aims to end this torpor, giving the cause more teeth by making religious organizations and communities partners to the government in promoting religious freedom, requiring our diplomatic missions in violator countries to develop plans of action for improving the situation on the ground, providing serious funding for programs that […]

June 5, 2020: The COVID-19 crisis unveiled the rock of people’s lives: the family

 Brussels, 5 June 2020 “The current pandemic has reminded to all of us that the rock of people’s lives is in the family”: in this way FAFCE’s President, Vincenzo Bassi, welcomes the joint message released by the Presidencies of CCEE and COMECE on the occasion of their annual meeting: “Let’s all work together for a recovery […]