June 15, 2018 – Dads are dispensable: 5 myths about fathers and families

https://www.mercatornet.com/family_edge/view/dads-are-dispensable-5-myths-about-fathers-and-families/21430 In the coming years, we will need more tough-minded and honest journalism like the kind offered by Shellenberger, Shrier, and Anderson. This is particularly true because of the cultural and economic storms of late have been eroding the marital foundations of family life in America—especially for poor and working-class families. Given the social scientific […]

June 13, 2018 – A Statement from Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, President of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops

http://www.usccb.org/news/2018/18-098.cfm Families are the foundational element of our society and they must be able to stay together. While protecting our borders is important, we can and must do better as a government, and as a society, to find other ways to ensure that safety. Separating babies from their mothers is not the answer and is […]

June 7, 2018 -The Key to the New Evangelization: The Sacred Heart of Jesus

https://www.catholicjournal.us/2018/06/07/the-key-to-the-new-evangelization-the-sacred-heart-of-jesus/ Since then atoning to the Sacred Heart of Jesus places the focus rightly on Christ, allowing us to evangelize constantly without growing weary, conforms us to Christ by conforming our heart to His, and protects us against the great sin of spiritual pride, [14] it deserves to be accounted as the greatest and most sacred […]

May 31, 2018 – ICOLF Contributor Ryan Anderson Featured On Why America’s Elitists Want to Silence the ‘Deplorables’

‘Anti-This and That-Phobic’ That thinking has led to vicious attacks against Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation mainly due to his stance on protecting traditional marriage and, in his new book When Harry Became Sally, taking on transgenderism.  “I’ve been called everything under the sun: anti-this and that-phobic,” Anderson said. His reaction? “I just don’t let […]

May 25, 2018 – Bishops of Kazakhstan Reaffirm Humanae Vitae

https://www.crisismagazine.com/2018/bishops-kazakhstan-reaffirm-humanae-vitae May the Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of the Church, also be the Mother of “the Church of the home.” Thanks to her motherly aid, may each Christian family really become a “little Church” in which the mystery of the Church of Christ is mirrored and given new life. May she, the Handmaid […]

May 24, 2018 – Pope doesn’t want ‘practicing’ gays in seminaries, reports say

https://cruxnow.com/vatican/2018/05/24/pope-doesnt-want-practicing-gays-in-seminaries-reports-say/ In a document he gave to the Chilean bishops mid-May, when 34 bishops came to Rome to talk with Francis about the crisis of the local church, a product among others of decades of clerical sexual abuse cover-up, abuses of power and conscience, the pope said that gay priests shouldn’t be forming other clerics […]

May 23, 2018 – Open your eyes, pro-life feminists are everywhere

https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/23/opinions/pro-life-feminism-alvare-opinion/index.html [Helen Alvaré’s] work at WomenSpeakforThemselves.com, for example, includes women sharing information and stories about the harms women suffer from uncommitted sex and synthetic contraceptive hormones. They also report the richness of sex within a committed versus merely “consensual” sex framework. We hope to influence the next generation of women to understand that women deserve […]

May 18, 2018 – How following Humanae Vitae can lead to a happier, more fulfilled life

http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/commentandblogs/2018/05/18/how-following-humanae-vitae-can-lead-to-a-happier-more-fulfilled-life/ This year marks the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae. It caused immediate shock waves in the Catholic world, followed by outright rebellion from millions of Church members, unfortunately abetted by many priests. In retrospect it was a watershed moment in the Church’s history in the 20th Century; the occasion that split […]

May 17, 2018 – Talk About a Human Rights Violation: How Heterologous Assisted Reproduction Harms Children and Violates International Human Rights Law

http://avemarialaw-international-law-journal.avemarialaw.edu/Content/ILJ/articles/Vacca.pdf Therefore, all heterologous ART is contrary to international human rights law, especially the anonymous sort. Thus, states have a legal duty to prohibit all techniques used to achieve this procedure, including in vitro fertilization using donor sperm or donor eggs.  

May 17, 2018 – Ryan Anderson – Understanding and Responding to Our Transgender Moment

https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3172277 At the heart of the transgender moment are radical ideas about the human person – in particular, that people are what they claim to be, regardless of contrary evidence. Transgender activists do not admit that this is a metaphysical claim. They do not want to have the debate on the level of philosophy, so […]