Make a comment or suggestion about the recent disclosures of sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment of children and young persons, including seminarians, by clerics, in particular bishops, even Cardinals, and how the Church should move forward by:

Contacting Michael Vacca, Managing Editor of ICOLF, using the form below for comments or suggestions you wish to go to ICOLF:

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ICOLF is an non-profit organization incorporated in the State Florida.

The head office is located at 1025 Commons Circle, Naples, Florida, 34119.

NOTE:  An allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by anyone should be reported immediately to:

If the alleged abuser is a diocesan employee or volunteer, including clergy, also notify Victim Assistance Coordinator, Barbara DiCocco at 941-416-6114.

Una alegación de abuso sexual a un menor hecha por cualquier persona debe ser reportada inmediatamente a:

Si el supuesto abusador es un empleado diocesano o voluntario, incluyendo a los clérigos, también se debe notificar a el Coordinador de Asistencia a Víctimas, Barbara DiCocco al 941-416-6114.


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