November 12, 2013 – Upcoming Conference on the overreaching of regional and international human rights’ courts and special bodies

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
2-3 May in Rome, 2014

The aim of this conference is to study the activist tendencies of regional and international human rights’courts and committees. To this end, a conference will gather international and regional experts, lawyers and academics, in the field of international and regional human rights law with a view to exposing the flawed workings of these mechanisms and the ideologies that bolster them. In particular, the speakers are to raise and discuss issues of human rights, legitimacy and democracy within the respective systems. The Conference will be held during the International Year of the Family and so will discuss the issues through the lens of the rights of the family based on the Holy See’s Charter on the Rights of the Family. Consequently, the following issues will be raised for reflection and study: artificial reproduction technology, beginning of life issues and redefinition of the family based on marriage and the gay lobby group (self-defined as LGBTI), role of grandparents and end of life issues. The proceedings of the Conference will be published in book form or as a special law review issue.


  • Federalist Society (USA)
  • Novae Terrae (Luca Volontè)
  • European Christian Political Foundation ( Joanes de Jong)
  • The Institute of Democracy and Cooperation (John Laughland)
  • European Center for Law and Justice (Strasbourg/USA)
  • International Center on Law, Life Faith and Family (USA, Italy)
  • Center of the Pontifical University of Chile (Chile)

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