Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The International Center on Law, Life Faith and Family (ICOLF) is a collaborative effort largely composed of Catholic jurists with a view to promoting effective study, research, policy development as well as legal defense of issues pertaining to life, faith and family as they interrelate within the International and Regional Human Rights Protection Systems. 

ICOLF is an non-profit organization incorporated in the State Florida.

The head office is located at 1025 Commons Circle, Naples, Florida, 34119.

The overall purpose of ICOLF is to better organize what many persons are already doing in their respective areas of legal expertise. To this end, ICOLF is divided into three Divisions: 1) Human Rights Protection Systems (HRPS); 2) Thematic Issues; and 3) Internal Resources.

Division 1: HRPSs will be divided into six Departments organized under a specific director, who will interface with a group of internal ICOLF advisors and contributors, as well as other experts external to ICOLF.

  • United Nations System
  • Inter-American System
  • European System 
  • African Union System
  • Southeastern Asian System
  • Middle Eastern and North African System

Division II: Thematic Areas will include issues that frequently lead to concerns on the international and regional levels to which a list of associated Catholic jurists may contribute resources for the website. It is envisioned that with time the main contributors will organize themselves into Advisory Committees and appoint Chairpersons. Such Committees may be further subdivided into Thematic Working Groups. 

  • Integral Human Development
  • Marriage and Family
  • Parents and Education
  • Children and Child Protection
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Women
  • Dependent Adults and the Elderly 
  • Respect for Life at all Stages    
  • Gender Ideology
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Persecution of Christians
  • Human Rights’ Language

Division III: Internal Resources is a private section of the website with protected and limited access. This division is for those seeking private information on particular projects and issues. Division I and II may also refer questions or issues for study, research, advice or consideration to Division III. 

Each Division will eventually have a Coordinator who will, in turn, complete an annual report documenting the key developments and then submit them to the Board of Advisors (or in the future, the Board of Directors). Coordinators should have regular contact to ensuring harmony and consistency in the overall work of ICOLF.

The Managing Editor of ICOLF is primarily responsible for reviewing contributions and posting them under the thematic issues section, while the ICOLF Liaison will have the duty to interface with various international entities.


  • Leonard Leo
  • John Klink
  • Marie Smith
  • Monsignor Piotr Mazurkiewicz
  • Luca Volonte


  • Novae Terrae Foundation